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Barrio Querido, La Reformita

Land Division

Belongs to district N° 12 of Our City

Guatemala City, January 31, 2006/ La Reformita neighborhood is part of District 12, which includes Zone 12 of Guatemala City.  The Zone is divided into four delegations or sectors: central Reformita, south Reformita, Pan Europa and Trébol, each with functioning and fully organized Individual Neighborhood Committees, which will be in charge of improving the area.


The Deputy Municipality is nowadays headed by Mayor Edna Mix de Aguirre. The assistant mayors are Miguel Ángel de León, Victoria Sacalxot, Mireya Coronado, Julio Zepeda and Hortencia Charuj; attorney Natalia González is the District Coordinator. The headquarters of the Deputy Municipality are located in 16 Avenue 19-76, Zone 12, 3d floor, Petapa building.


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