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Barrio Querido, La Reformita

Did you know that...?

Popular lore of La Reformita
One of La Reformita’s streets

Guatemala City, February 01, 2006/...every Saturday, César Augusto Ixcot’s restaurant, “Antojitos Doña Nico”, at 5th Avenue and 9th Street, Zone 12, serves the best rice tamales and potato tamales (“paches”) in the neighborhood.


...the “nahual” (guardian spirit) of the Buen Pastor public laundry is a huge boa that only very few people have seen.

... sometimes, the “Crying Lady” (“Llorona”, a folkloric ghost) bathes in the tank.

...many have heard a carriage traveling slowly along the old Petapa Royal Road, dragging chains.

... one day, Manuel Colom Argueta, while in campaign, was riding along 18th Street and said, “Wouldn’t it be nicer if the road were paved?...” Soon after, having been elected Mayor, paving works began.  Afterwards, sewage and general sanitation facilities were also installed.


... the best breakfast is served at 6th Street 13-33, Zone 12, La Reformita..”
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