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230 anniversary of the establishment of Guatemala City

Tivoli Neighborhood, zone 9

Pride of the neighborhood


This restaurant has been the meeting point  of many generations.

Cafesa is an American-style drive-in and restaurant located on 6th Avenue and 12 Street of Zone 9, Tivoli.  It was founded by Antonio and Amalia de la Torre and inaugurated on December 9, 1960. Years later, Alejandro de la Torre joined as a partner and manager.

Cafesa was one of the first restaurants in Guatemala that operated 24 hours a day, a very new concept in its day.  It has survived many years of political upheaval and the “dry law”. Its menu includes more than 120 national and international dishes, among which the most famous are the “pavesa” soup, “paella”, and the “torito” sandwiches. It also caters weddings, first communions, baptisms, graduations, etc.  It is also a drive-in and serves patrons directly in their cars.

Cafesa has become the meeting point for many Guatemalans.  It is a national point of reference, a tourist destiny and one of the most famous businesses in Tivoli. Many celebrities have visited the restaurant: Cantinflas, Marco Antonio Muñiz, los Churumbeles de España, Mini Mini, Alicia Azurdia, Ricardo Arjona, and Presidents Miguel Ydígoras Fuentes, Julio César Méndez Montenegro, Vinicio Cerezo, etc.

Cafesa has the feel of a 60’s soda fountain.  There are many photos of Marilyn Monroe, retro music, and the waiters wear caps.  The environment is family-friendly and the food is quite tasty.

Grupo La Fragua
(12 calle 1-, zone 9, Tívoli neighborhood)


Carlos Paiz Ayala and his wife, Graciela Andrade de Paiz, started a small shop on May 4, 1928 in downtown Guatemala City, where they sold leather goods and cobbling supplies.  The store grew and they had to move to larger quarters, and Paiz S.A. was born as a family enterprise with the participation of 22 associates as shareholders.

In 1962, the company was managed by Carlos Manuel Paiz Jr., who implemented the lessons he had learned in the United States.  He turned the store into a self-service venture that would later become the Paiz Supermarkets.  Today, the corporation includes 28 stores in Guatemala and 6 in Honduras.


Paiz Montufar.

In 1980, the company opened the first discount store, Despensa Familiar, geared towards the less fortunate.  It provides a limited supply of goods and services at very favorable prices.

In 1994, another successful concept was inaugurated: Hiper Paiz, across the street from the Peri-Roosevelt mall in zone 11. Hiper Paiz has a very extensive sales area (from 5,000 to 9,000 m2) and has very favorable prices.  That same year, the headquarters of the company were re-named and La Fragua was born.


La Fragua has also started membership shopping at ClubCo, it has an on-line supermarket ( and Paiz Express (1999) provides delivery service.  The first Hiper Paiz was inaugurated in El Salvador and the alliances “Paiz-Ahold”, Maxi Bodega (2003), Wal Mart (2005) were subscribed.  In mid 2003, they started financial services under the name “SuperSencillo”, with the collaboration of the Cuscatlán Bank.

The staff is the most important element of the company because they share integrity, respect, participation, equality, justice, loyalty, and discipline values and principles.  La Fragua operates in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

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