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230 anniversary of the establishment of Guatemala City

Tivoli Neighborhood, Zone 9

Location, boundaries and territorial extension

Streets of the Tívoli Neighborhood.

Guatemala City, May 2006/ Maps and plans dating back to 1894 show that the Tívoli neighborhood is located in the southernmost corner of Guatemala City, between the Exposición neighborhood, to the north; La Paz, to the west; Ciudad Vieja, to the east, and the Pinula Aqueduct and La Aurora Park to the south.  J.A. Villacorta’s Monografía del Departamento de Guatemala (“Monograph of the Department of Guatemala”) says:

“The large neighborhood of Tívoli borders with the Exposición Neighborhood to the north, with the Neighborhood of Ciudad Vieja, to the east; with La Aurora Park to the south and with La Paz and Pamplona Neighborhoods to the west.  The “September 15” Avenue, a south extension of 7th Avenue, runs through Tivoli and ends at “Los Arcos.”  Many trees planted in the borders of this avenue will in time turn it into a very beautiful promenade.  Several other streets run west, parallel to this avenue. Close by is the June 30th Boulevard, a large street built to communicate the Inter-Oceanic Railway Station with La Aurora Park. (1926: 174-175)


The Tivoli farm was owned by Mr. José María Samayoa and was registered under number 2419. Upon the death of Samayoa, the farm became the property of his wife Tomasa Klee de Samayoa and his children Julio, Rafael, Hortensia and María Samayoa Klée.


The 1880 census states: “Tívoli is a hamlet of the department of Guatemala.  It is under the jurisdiction of Ciudad Vieja. It has an extension of 6 ½ “caballerías”; produces coffee, sugarcane, fine woods, grasses and cereals and is the property of Mr. José María Samayoa. This hacienda is located in the neighborhood of Guatemala City, is equipped with plows and modern tools; it includes a large house and others that can lodge the 50 employees which live in the establishment”. Later, in 1892, the Office of Statistics also registered the farm as a hamlet of the Republic of Guatemala.


A 1950 map of Guatemala City shows the Tivoli neighborhood as having 2,630,138.91 square meters. Nowadays, the neighborhood has lost almost ¾ of its original girth.

Today, the neighborhood limits to the north with La Industria Park, on 8th Street of zone 9;  with Liberación Boulevard to the south; 6th Avenue to the east and La Castellana Avenue to the west.

Political Division

Tivoli is part of Delegation 9-3 of District 09 that includes zones 4, 9 and 10 of Guatemala City. This District is divided into seven delegations: D 9-1, D 9-2, D 9-3, D 9-4, D 9-5, D 9-6 and D 9-7. The neighbors have formed the following Unique Committees (CUB): Terminal (D-1), Exposición (D-2), Tívoli (D 9-3), El Roble (D 9-4), Ciudad Vieja (D-5), La Villa (D-6), and Oakland (D-7).

The Assistant Mayor is Priscila de Narciso and his aides are Alma Esperanza Ruíz Villatoro de Mirabal (D 9-1), Sergio Castillo Bonini (D 9-2), Jorge Máximo Miranda Orellana, Guadalupe Gordillo de Casasola (D 9-4), José Julio Díaz Anleu (D 9-5), Carlos Proesamer Farrington (D 9-6), and Leonel Galán Dávila (D 9-7).

Delegation 3 is not represented but it does have a Local Security Group conformed by the neighbors of Tivoli, who meet regularly to deal with the security issues and to encourage their peers to denounce criminal activity in the area.  They meet with a representative of the Ministry of State and the National Police of Zone 4.


The City Hall is located at 12 Street and Reforma Avenue, first floor of the Reforma Montúfar building in zone 10.  Their phone number is 2385 8915.

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