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230 anniversary of the establishment of Guatemala City


Tivoli Neighborhood, zone 9

Guatemala City, May 2006/ T…up to 1911 Tivoli was considered a hamlet?

…there used to be a lagoon inside today’s Industria Park where youngsters would go to swim and fish?

…the Jocotenango fair was moved in 1921 to Tivoli and Reforma, but the neighbors did not like the idea and was therefore returned to its original site?

… Scout Group No. 11, which formerly met in the Tivoli church, had to move to the National Youth Institute in Zone 11?

…one of the first commercial buildings of the area was Plaza del Sol?

…the first Paiz supermarket was located in Plaza España?

…Tivoli lost one-fourth of its land by territorial ordinance?

… Reforma Funeral Home was the first company in Guatemala and Central America to provide private hearses, embalming, cremation, and funeral chambers?

…Ricardo Arjona stated that he used to go to Cafesa for inspiration before penning his songs?

…the Plaza España gas station on 12th street was closed down on April 4, 2006?


...Foto Arte, today Galería Ríos, was the first photo lab in Guatemala, founded by Ríos in 1945?
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