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230th Anniversary of the foundation of Guatemala City

Places of interest: 4º Norte

La Exposición District, Zone 4

Visitors enjoy a night out in a bohemian environment.

Guatemala City, February 2006/ The “4 Grados Norte” Cultural Center, a two-block pedestrian walkway, was inaugurated on November 2001.  This bohemian venue is located on Via 5 between Routes 1 and 3 of La Exposición neighborhood,

The project is a special, creative, and innovative urban vision.  Artistic activities are done outdoors for the enjoyment of both young and adults. There are several cafés, restaurants that offer national and international fare, bars, juice bars and ice-cream parlors.

4 Grados Norte is the brainchild of private businessmen, with the support of City Hall.  The walkway is close to Reforma Avenue and the Guatemalan-American Institute (IGA), and is within walking distance from the Olympic Village and San Pedrito, Zone 5.

The masterminds behind the project were entrepreneurs Emilio Méndez, Saúl E. Méndez and Philippe Hunzinker; architects Alejandro Paz, Andreas Bunge and Carmen Pokorny, who designed the landscape.

Sophos Bookstore took over the facilities of an automobile service shop that used to operate in the corner of Route 1 and 9th Avenue.  Readers can visit Sophos and examine the books at their leisure.


4º Norte

The Colloquia cultural movement, whose purpose was to promote contemporary art, used to operate in 4 Grados Norte.  In the beginning, Colloquia presented books, expositions, concerts, shows, debates, etc. in a 13-meter diameter area outfitted with drapery. 


Four years after, however, 4 Grados Norte extended into more streets.  Some shops have settled, others have left, but the Cultural District today houses other spaces where imagination and creativity become innovative projects such as those organized regularly by the Hispanic Cultural Center and IGA, the G&T-Continental Foundation Exposition Center, TrovaJazz and Casa del Águila, a few among many.
Beloved Neighborhood Program
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