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230th Anniversary of the foundation of Guatemala City

Casa del Águila Cultural Center

La Exposición District, Zone 4

South of 4º Norte.

Guatemala City, February 2006/ The Casa del Águila Cultural Center was inaugurated in 2005.  It is located in the southernmost corner of 4 Grados Norte, on Route 3 and Via 5, Zone 4, on what used to be lot 11-D of the original design of 1890..

The main purpose of this Cultural Center is to present national and international art expressions.  While still under construction, from 27-31 October, 2004, it opened its doors to the “Games Equal Art” Festival.  The house itself is a box of surprises.  It was built in the late 1890s for the Ministry of Sanitation. In the 1920s it was leased by Carlos Jallade, a French citizen, who re-baptized it “Villa Jallade”. The house was later purchased by the El Águila tile factory, from which it got its present name.  Today, the house belongs to the Matheu family.

The design is a combination between art nouveau, Mudéjar, Guatemalan Colonial and others.  The construction is mostly adobe. It has three main entrances, large parking facilities, and two stories that communicate from both inside and outside, which allows for a large number of visitors at any given time.  One of the house’s adages is, “here we play hide-and-seek with the past and we multiply the future”.


Beloved Neighborhood Program
Frieda Liliana Morales Barco, Ph.D.
Lecturas: 7320