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230th Anniversary of the foundation of Guatemala City

The Hispanic Cultural Center

La Exposición District, Zone 4

The library has more than 3,600 pieces which can be consulted inside the premises.

Guatemala City, February 2006/ The Hispanic Cultural Center, a cultural entity supported by the Spanish government, is located in 4 Grados Norte, in La Exposición District, Zone 4.

This Cultural Center was created by General Franco in the mid 1950s to promote and promulgate Spanish culture throughout the Spanish-speaking countries.

Today, the objectives are different and the Center strives to promote the artists from the countries where it operates, especially Guatemalans and Central Americans.

All their activities are free of charge and are divided as follows:

Temporary exhibitions in the center’s premises: Optic Nerve (Spanish cinema), Great Reserve (classic cinema) and Emergency Room (endorsement of new artists and presentation of their music, art, sculpture and literary expressions).

Cultural development: The Salvador Aguado Andreut Library, with more than 3,600 documents, specializes in contemporary art production, literature, theater, dance, cinema and music. 

Most of the periodical publications in the Center’s collection are magazines from the Spanish Cultural Association.  The facilities were designed by architect Mauricio Solís, who gave them a dynamic and modern environment and a very peculiar appearance. It was inaugurated on April 15, 2004.


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