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230th Anniversary of the foundation of Guatemala City

Did you know that …

La Exposición District, Zone 4

...the Christopher Columbus monument was awarded the Fine Arts Grand Prize on the eve of the Great Central American Exposition?

...the angel that could be seen atop Liceo Guatemala, before the 1917-18 earthquakes represented the Monument to Fame and was originally placed in the March 11 Plaza, where the Financial Center of the Industrial Bank stands today?

... La Exposición District owes its name to the great international fair of Paris in 1889, where Guatemala exhibited a stand?

...”Exposition bonuses” were sold to raise funds for the Central American Fair? (El Guatemalteco, January 27, 1897. n. 9, Book 34)

…the only public school in La Exposición is called Miguel Vasconcelos, and was located where the Guatemalan-American Institute now stands?

...once a client ate 14 “shucos”, a record not yet surpassed?


... Guatemalan comics Nito and Neto, the members of the National Soccer League, TV personalities, etc. are among the “shuco” customers?

...most of the Liceo Guatemala alumni are loyal to “El Chino”, and some even bring their families and perpetuate the tradition?

…one of the best gas stations used to be on 7th Avenue and March 11 Plaza (today a building called “El Triángulo”) where the Shell service station stands today, across the street from the Plaza Hotel in Zone 4?

…during the 1950s, Mayorga was one of the busiest drugstores? It was located at 7th Avenue South and March 11 Plaza and today it is called “Vielman”, across the street from the Industrial Bank? 


Beloved Neighborhood Program
Frieda Liliana Morales Barco, Ph.D.
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