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230 years of the foundation of Guatemala City

Neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, zone 10

Location and territorial limits

Diagonal 6, zone 10

Guatemala City, November 2006/ The neighborhood “Ciudad Vieja”, ancient Pueblo de Indios and town located on the south of the Capital City, today is part of zone 10. In the "Political Delimitation of the Republic of Guatemala" carried out by the Office of Statistics in 1892, the same appears registered as a town who holds the village Ciudad Vieja and four hamlets: Santa Clara and La Esperanza, which were already viewed as one; Granja del Ciprés, Tívoli and Potrero de Urías.


With governmental agreement dated December 29, 1922 the towns of Ciudad Vieja and Villa de Guadalupe were cancelled, and the villages that constituted them were annexed as districts to the urban jurisdiction of Guatemala. .




In the Monograph of the Department of Guatemala, J. Antonio Villacorta describes its limits in the following way:

To the east of the District of Tívoli we found the District of Ciudad Vieja, limited to the north by Campo de Marte, to the west on which it was built after the earthquakes of 1917-18 the camp with the same name; and even further away to the north the lands of the ancient Haciendas of Lo de Contreras and Lo de Batres, already divided among several owners; to the east we found the lands of Oakland, of Herrera, of Arrivillaga and the Lomas de Ciudad Vieja, this last ones adjacent to the River of Las Vacas; and to the south by plots of Santa Clara.

The village of Ciudad Vieja was founded due to the displacement of Guatemala to the Valley of La Ermita. It holds beautiful cottages in the middle of orchards and small farms. Closely are the washrooms with the same name; and in the area adjacent to the East road, there is a magnificent building which shelters the Military Hospital, an institution with all the necessary elements for something of its kind.
(1926: 182-183).


Today, the limits traced by the Municipality of Guatemala are the following: to the north it borders with Avenida Mariscal Cruz and a certain area with Campos de Marte; to the south with 10th street of zone 10; to the east with the Gorge of El Maestro and the Estate Las Margaritas; to the west with Avenida de La Reforma, zone 10.

The neighborhood of “Ciudad Vieja” is located at 1,505 m. over sea level, with latitude of 14°36’20” and a longitude of 90°30’48”. ”.


Political Division


The 9th District of Guatemala City, which includes zones 9 and 10 is divided in seven delegations: D 9-1, D 9-2, D 9-3, D 9-4, D 9-5, D 9-6 and D 9-7. Among this district, the neighborhood of “Ciudad Vieja” belongs to Delegation 9-5 and includes the neighbors’ participation; they are organized in the following Single Neighborhood Committees–CUB for its initials in Spanish: El Redondel, Ciudad Vieja and Las Margaritas, of recent foundation.

The Assistant Mayoress is Priscila de Narciso and the District Coordinator is Mr. Moises Godínez. In cooperation with them, the following Entitled Sheriffs participate in the town’s work in this sector: Alma Esperanza Ruiz Villatoro de Mirabal (D 9-1), Mr. Jorge Máximo Miranda Orellana (D 9-2), Guadalupe Gordillo (D 9-3), Engineer Carlos Proesamer Farrington (D 9.6), Leonel Galán Dávila (D 9-7) and at the moment, Delegations 4 and 5 are in the process of election.

The town’s auxiliary hall is located in 12 Calle and Avenida La Reforma, Building Reforma Montúfar, Basement Premises, zone 10. Telefax 2385 3915.

Beloved Neighborhood Program
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