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230 years of the foundation of Guatemala City

Neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, zone 10

Official Urban Coed School No. 25 “Concepción Saravia

Front of the school

Guatemala City, November 2006/The Girls’ School “Concepción Saravia” was founded with Government Agreement dated August 11, 1934 issued by President Jorge Ubico Castañeda, and inaugurated on July 4 of that same year in a property located in the 1st  street of the District of Tivoli.

According to information on the records of this school, it changed its location several times due to the lack of a property of their own. During several years it worked in 7ª Avenida, in front of the Church of Our Lady of Agonies or Yurrita; and from here it went to Ruta 2 4-23, zone 4, ancient México Street.

It was located in here until the earthquake of February 4, 1976. As a consequence of this natural phenomenon, the school had to temporarily work in the afternoons, on the premises of Private School Liceo Guatemala.

On the first days of 1977, it was transferred to 12 avenida 33-32, zone 5, in front of the CUM “Carlos González Orellana”, in Campo de Marte. Later, on June 29, 1988, according to records in Minute No. 664, of the Minute Book of this school, the negotiations leaded by the Principal of this education establishment became definite, and they were transferred to the building that was emptied by the Female Technical School in 6ª avenida 3-66, zone 10, where they started on July 1st of that same year and where they are still located.

Since 1988 and still today, this educational center has had a coed environment, and it provides education to approximately 240 children that come from the neighboring areas of zone 10. They celebrate their anniversary on July 26, birthday of Teacher Concepción Saravia.


The school was recently selected by the Ministry of Education to take part in the program “Escuelas del Futuro” (Schools of the Future). It is also worth mentioning, that during the years of its existence it has received many acknowledgements, trophies and first places in choral participations in the National Music Conservatory, under the direction of Music Teacher Consuelo Mendizábal. The present Principal is Elementary School Teacher Norma Moscoso de Pinto.


Concepción Saravia

Born in Guatemala City on July 26, 1851, from the marriage of Don Ignacio González Saravia and Doña Mercedes Salazar de Cárdenas.

Since her early years, she showed a great intelligence. Studied in Colegio de Belén, standing out as a distinguished student and the first one of her class. When she was 17 she married Don Antonio Zirión y Urruela, relocating to Quetzaltenango. She had five children, which she personally educated and this is how she decided to establish a school, which came to be one of the most prestigious in the city of Quetzaltenango

For her brilliant path, President Lisandro Barillas (1885-1892) named her Principal of the Instituto Nacional de Occidente (National Western Institute). But, her mother got sick and she had to return to the capital city. However, her native calling for education was so strong, and this made her establish another educational institution in the capital city, denominated “Colegio Central de Señoritas”. She traveled to Europe, looking for new teaching methods, in order to adapt them in the Guatemalan system.

And on her return, President Reyna Barrios (1892-1898) named her Principal of the Institute and School Normal de Señoritas. In this institution, she enforced discipline and order, and her fame spread even outside of our border. Don Valero Pujol, said about her: “She goes way beyond her century and time, for her great enlightenment”.


She wrote many books, among which it is worth mentioning “El Niño”, a reading book which introduces the eclectic method of learning how to read and write simultaneously.

She died on June 17, 1919 in Puerto Madero, México. Her remains were brought to this capital city, and she was buried in the General Cemetery of this city.


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