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230 years of the foundation of Guatemala City

Neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, zone 10

Private School “Ciudad Vieja


The students implement environmental projects in the gorges of the sector.

Guatemala City, November 2006/ This educational institution started working as a Center of Guided Studies or Tutorship in 1981.

Afterwards, on June 12, 1992 it received a permit to start working as a junior and high school.

Among its goals, is the training of students in junior and high school to make them improve its academic performance and study habits, as well as promoting a high level of education and a spirit of triumph and feedback of the essential values of ethic, moral, civility and work.


In this sense, School “Ciudad Vieja” offers an excellent and personalized academic training, and at the same time it owns an open library with seven thousand reference books and three thousand textbooks. It is located in 9ª calle 5-49, zone 10. Its motto is “To promote the spirit of work”.


Eco-environmental Program in the Gorge of “El Maestro


The Valley of La Ermita or Las Vacas is formed by 24 gorges. Since 1994 and up to this day, eleventh grade students of School Ciudad Vieja have started research and rescue and sowing labors of orchids, in order to save the ecosystem of the oak forest that surrounds University Francisco Marroquín in the gorge of “El Maestro”, between zones 10 and 15 of the capital city.

The main objective of this project is to protect the gorge area that adjoins between the ancient baths of Ciudad Vieja, the University Francisco Marroquín, the lateral branch of the road that leads towards Vista Hermosa, and the backside of neighborhood El Maestro in zone 15 and Oakland in zone 10, in order to rescue those species of fauna and flora already located, and those to be found, and constitute a biologic reserve for the City of Guatemala, with an orchids’ gorge.

The research results have provided the following data: 492 animal species: 132 insect species, 6 rodent species, 256 bird species, 3 chiropteran species and 2 fish species, 257 Lepidoptera, 37 serpents and 37 minerals. Likewise, 56 species of orchids have been reseeded and 28 different ones have been located.s.

The activities are carried on by students, during weekends. It is also worth mentioning, that they have participated in seminars lectured by Jardín Lankaster of Costa Rica, Costa Rican Association of Orchids, Guatemalan Association of Orchids, Salvadorian Association of Orchids and by the Orchids’ Association of South Florida, United States of America, INAB, University Del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala’s Municipality and others.


This program has received many tributes as well as national and international rewards and has been the subject of publication in the American Magazine “Reader’s Digest”.


Beloved Neighborhood Program
Dra. Frieda Liliana Morales Barco
Lecturas: 1855