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230 years of the foundation of Guatemala City

Neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, zone 10

Interesting Places: Casa Grande Hotel



Guatemala City, November 2006/In the 1890s, President Reyna Barrios presented this building to his wife, Argelia.  Eight years later, upon the President’s demise, it became the property of the State.

The Urruela Asturias later acquired the buildings.  The Bethania girl’s school operated here for many years.  There are stories about nuns in charge of the school dressing up the angels and statues that decorated the place to safeguard their students from temptation.  Afterwards, the Plocharsky family of Polish origin purchased the building.  .


Since 1976 the building became a 3-star hotel that is managed by a corporation.  The building had to undergo some work to adapt it to its present purpose.  The hotel offers personalized and family-oriented service and struggles to make their guests feel at home.  It has suites, standard rooms, and apartments and the fees go from $61 to $73 per day.


Beloved Neighborhood Program
Dra. Frieda Liliana Morales Barco

Lecturas: 1849