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230 years of the foundation of Guatemala City

Neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, zone 10

Pride of my neighborhood: Raquel Zelaya (Economist)


Zelaya during cabinet meetings..

Guatemala City, November 2006/Raquel Zelaya obtained a degree in Economy from Rafael Landívar University.  The Italian government granted Ms. Zelaya a post-graduate studies scholarship in Public Management and Political Sciences.  She represents the Country’s Women Association at the Council of State and is also a member of the Peace Commission –COPAZ.

Ms. Zelaya has served as Public Finances Minister, Peace Secretary for the President’s Office during the tenure of Álvaro Arzú Irigoyen (1996-2000), and was a co-signer of the Peace Accords.  She is the Coordinator of the Peace Accords Ad-hoc Commission and is today the Executive Secretary of the Research and Social Studies Association –ASIES.

During an interview granted to Ingrid Roldán of Prensa Libre (D Magazine, 11.9.05: 9), when asked what her childhood was like, she said:

When I was one and a half years, I was struck by poliomyelitis.  I am quite grateful to my mother for her treatment and discipline; she never pampered me.  I underwent perhaps seven or eight surgeries, and everyone expected from me the same that they would expect from a healthy girl.  I had to participate in the Independence Parade, with my mother by my side.  I would leave the parade when I got tired.

My mother would make me work as much as I was able to.  That helped me out a lot because I became very independent and secure.  I remember traveling to Tikal and walking through the park with a cane.  A disease is a very difficult challenge; I think that I owe a lot of my stamina to the many challenges I had to face.  I had to be in a cast for a very long time (after the surgeries) and there was no TV, so I would devour the novels and stories of Pepe Milla.  I chose to love to read


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