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230 years of the foundation of Guatemala City

Neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, zone 10

Pride of my neighborhood: Rodolfo Eduardo Herrera Llerandi
(Physician and Surgeon)


Dr. Herrera Llerandi.

Guatemala City, November 2006/Dr. Herrera Llerandi was born in Guatemala City in 1915, the same year the famous “Blue Book” was published.  His parents were President Carlos Herrera (1920-1921) and Chusita Llerandi Perales de Herrera.

After his father was forced to leave the Presidency, he   traveled to France for what was thought to be three months stay, but remained there for a total of 13 years.  In 1938 Dr. Herrera returned to Guatemala and, a few months later, traveled to Boston, USA, to advance on his profession.

He majored in Chemistry and Public Health at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and in Medicine at Harvard University, from which he graduated in 1942.  Dr. Herrera did his internship at the Massachusetts hospital and specialized in thoracic surgery

Although the “Herrera Llerandi” Hospital was named in his honor, he does not work there anymore.  Nowadays he sees patients at his clinic at the Esperanza University Hospital, which he has directed since it was founded 25 years ago.  Among the new hospital’s objectives are to obtain better equipment and to provide the staff with the best labor conditions available. They also endeavor to help out poverty-stricken patients and the doctors do not charge consultation fees to the less-fortunate brethren. 


Beloved Neighborhood Program
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