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230 years of the foundation of Guatemala City

Ciudad Vieja Neighborhood, zone 10

Did you know that...?


…just a handful of persons know that the very modest church located west of the plaza and the beautiful Ceiba tree are actually remnants of an ancient Colonial town?


…the Ceiba tree was planted in 1801 along with a bottle with a paper inside of it that lists the names of the seven ladies who founded the place?


…that the plaza is a veritable historical nucleus, along with its Ceiba, the national tree, and the church with its artistic and immaterial cultural patrimony?

…at the Ciudad Vieja plaza there is a Canaletas fountain donated by the Barcelona City Hall?


…the Ciudad Vieja cemetery used to be behind the church? The land belongs today to the Uribe family.


…up to the year 1934 Dr. Alejandro Carrillo Rocha, director of aquatic sports of the Guatemalan Sports League, organized swimming contests at the Ciudad Vieja pools?


…the Ciudad Vieja neighborhood covers 60 blocks and that inside that perimeter there are 118 informal stores?

…the Aguilar Pinto family founded the small “Aguilar” condominium with 25 houses?


…at 7th Street and 2nd Avenue there is a small condominium named “Colonia Reforma”?


…Mr. Élfego Monzón, who for a short period served as President of Guatemala in the 1930s, lived in a house located in 3d Street “A” and 9th Avenue of Zone 10?


…teacher Clara Cóbar de Marroquín, principal of the “Republic of France” public school, wrote a letter to the education authorities stating that “the Alliance Française did not help the school’s construction at all – I was even forced to sponsor the inaugural reception with my school funds”.  The letter was written in 1980, when the Alliance Française wanted to establish in the school’s facilities.


…a Botanical Garden is an area where collections of live plants are kept, organized according to their habitat, evolutionary relations, and uses, with labels to facilitate the visitors’ understanding?


…the Military Hospital was created by Government Decree of October 9, 1880, with the purpose of alleviating and curing the members of the Army of the Republic wounded or fallen ill during service?


… new facilities for the Military Hospital were built in zone 16 because a fire destroyed the former wooden facilities?


…the ceilings of the Estrada Cabrera Asylum and the Joaquina Maternity Ward were done in wrought iron, in the fashion of train stations?


…the MacDermont School started out in this neighborhood?


…the Swiss American, ABC, El Prado, and Rabke schools also started out in this neighborhood?


…the “Mario Monteforte Toledo” library operates inside the facilities of the Ministry of Foreign Relations?  The library was sponsored by the Republic of China (Taiwan) in March 2003.


…the Honduran transportation company “Hedman Alas”, founded in 1952, operates in 2nd Avenue 8-73, Zone 10?


Beloved Neighborhood Program
Dra. Frieda Liliana Morales Barco
Lecturas: 1841